About Me

…in a nutshell I help others tell their story.


I began my media career with a love for all things production. I wanted to understand the whole magic behind producing an impactful visual project. So I honed my skills in all things from pre-production concept development, scripting, storyboarding to production filming techniques, audio and lighting setup and directing. Into Post-production editing, coloring, VO and ADR recording, graphic titling, audio mastering and more. And, finally delivery for multiple formats and platform encodings.


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from Middle Tennessee State University and 10+ years of working in the broadcast and filmmaking industry, I bring with me not just enormous experience but a passion and curiosity that just gets stronger with time.


I find inspiration in Life! Everyday life, friends, family, and you! The experiences we go through mold and shape us, and it shows in our work.

Video Editing0%
Motion Graphics0%
VO Recording0%
Color Grading0%
Foley Sound Design0%
Audio Mastering0%

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