Video Trend Quick Tips #1

Video Trend Quick Tips #1

Here are some of the latest video trend tips to help you get started making effective video for marketing your company services and products.

Image Quality

Image quality is relevant. When crafting a message from your brand consumers associate image quality to your service or product quality. With your existing content strategy in combination with professional production, your business can showcase high quality videos with good content.

Video length Matters

You have 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention. Furthermore, 20% will click away in 10 seconds or less. After which the maximum attention span is around 2 minutes or less. Upon reaching the 2 minute mark 60% click away. Regardless of the video duration. So keep your message and imagery entertaining and to the point. By engaging the viewer and deliver the message in a meaningful and memorable manner.

Interactive Elements

Make use of interactive video elements for viewers to connect. Such as video links, quizzes, surveys and forms, all of which can create engagement opportunities at the correct moment and prompt viewers to take desired actions.

Got Video?

If you don’t have video, then you’re not going to be seen. The companies that pump out tons of creative video content in short form entertainment with a message are absolutely going to win. Because that’s all people want. When you look at the rise of video playback on social media like Facebook, the engagement for video is way higher than all other forms of content.

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