Glitch Aesthetics Videos

Glitch Aesthetics Videos

 The types of images popular on sites like Instagram often emulate (whether intentionally or not) a style of visual art called glitch art. Glitch aesthetics are defined by image errors – oversaturated colors, overexposure, lens flares, pixelation, and the like – that are either intentionally made or added in post-production.

Glitch aesthetics videos bring authenticity to you branded content. Due to its seeminglack of contrived planning. It is extremely effective on all social media platforms, primarily Instagram and Snapchat. It emulates user-generated content (UGC). Which is generally imperfect, spontaneous, and quirky.

The benefit of glitch-branded content is that you can control the focus of your message in a faux like user-generated content way. And, in a curated world of neat and polished content that’s picture perfect. It stands out as a messy and unexpected true to life experience. That’s what makes glitch aesthetics influential and appealing to young adults ages 18-24.

Most companies use both user-generated content and glitch-branded content. The most important factor is to make sure that your brand-created content is not wildly inconsistent with the look and feel of your UGC.

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